Nanjing Mingen Power Technology Co., Ltd .is a leading Supplier of professional-quality power alternators, Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator as well as professional service on after sales service. Mingen offer its products and service to the partner around the world from the office located in Nanjing city Jiangsu province, China.
  Mingen Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator represent the latest alternators technologies, reflected by outstanding performance and longer unit life. We solicit user and distributor input on product performance, comfort, safety, considerate service and life-time partnership. Then, we provide Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator, which meets the tightest tolerances in the industry.

  Mingen possesses an excellent sales team, knowing lot about the overseas market, and providing the alternators the buyer need, not those the factory can or have.

  Mingen has a professional team, with abundant technical knowledge about the alternators, who is doing the strict quality survey and inspection, to make sure that the Mingen alternators are produced to perfect and tested each by each before ex-works.

  Mingen has a responsible service team, having sufficient experience for Mingen Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator maintenance and warranty support.
Mingen Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator stands with its distributors and customers. Ex-work is just the start of the long journey of our Alternator. The distributors and customers can rely on Mingen group, whenever needed.

  You need, we provide

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